Schedule 40 Mild Steel Pipe weight ,dimensions, wall thickness chart and Steel Metal Weight Calculator (SCH40)

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What’s the meaning of Schedule 40 pipe?

Grounded on the NPS and schedule of a pipe, the pipe outside periphery( OD) and wall consistence can be attained from reference tables similar as those below, which are grounded on ASME norms B36.10 M and B36.19M. For illustration, NPS 14 Sch 40 has an OD of 14 elevation( 360 mm) and a wall consistence of0.437 elevation(11.1 mm).
NPS OD Schedule# Wall Thickness ID.1.000 ”1.315 ” SCH 400.133 ”1.049 ”( approx.)1.000 ”1.315 ” SCH 800.179 ”0.957 ”( approx.) All pipes are specified using the NPS and schedule figures. It’s the schedule number that determines the approximate inside periphery.
What are Pipe Schedules?
The schedule number on pipe products relates to the consistence of the wall on the pipe as the number increases, the thicker the wall consistence becomes. Also, while the schedule number can be the same on different sized pipes, the factual wall consistence will be different. Then are a many exemplifications

Pipe size1.000 ” Schedule 40 – The factual wall consistence is0.133 ”

Pipe size2.000 ” Schedule 40 – The factual wall consistence is0.145 ”

Pipe size1.000 ” Schedule 80 – The factual wall consistence is0.179 ”

Pipe size2.000 ” Schedule 80 – The factual wall consistence is0.218 ”

What we can see then’s that the schedule number increases the wall size, and that the wall consistence changes grounded on the nominal pipe size( NPS).

Ms Pipes schedule 40 chart

Porduct Name Outside diameter [mm]Outside diameter [inches]Nominal size [inches]Wall thickness [mm]Wall thickness [inches]Weight [kg/m]Weight [lb/ft]
schedule 40 MS pipe10.3 MM0.405 inches1/8 inches1.73 MM0.068 inches0.37 kg/m0.24 lb/ft
schedule 40 MS pipe13.7 MM0.540 inches1/4 inches2.24 MM0.088 inches0.84 kg/m0.42 lb/ft
schedule 40 MS pipe21.3 MM0.840 inches1/2 inches2.77 MM0.109 inches1.27 kg/m0.85 lb/ft
schedule 40 MS pipe26.7 MM1.050 inches3/4 inches2.87 MM0.113 inches1.69 kg/m1.13 lb/ft
schedule 40 MS pipe33.4 MM1.315 inches1 inches3.38 MM0.133 inches2.50 kg/m1.68 lb/ft
schedule 40 MS pipe42.2 MM1.660 inches1 1/4 inches3.56 MM0.140 inches3.39 kg/m2.27 lb/ft
schedule 40 MS pipe48.3 MM1.900 inches1 1/2 inches3.68 MM0.145 inches4.05 kg/m2.72 lb/ft
schedule 40 MS pipe60.3 MM2.375 inches2 inches3.91 MM0.154 inches5.44 kg/m3.65 lb/ft
schedule 40 MS pipe73.0 MM2.875 inches2 1/2 inches5.16 MM0.203 inches8.63 kg/m5.79 lb/ft
schedule 40 MS pipe88.9 MM3.500 inches3 inches5.49 MM0.216 inches11.29 kg/m7.58 lb/ft
schedule 40 MS pipe101.6 MM4.000 inches3 1/2 inches5.74 MM0.226 inches13.57 kg/m9.11 lb/ft
schedule 40 MS pipe114.3 MM4.500 inches4 inches6.02 MM0.237 inches16.07 kg/m10.79 lb/ft
schedule 40 MS pipe141.3 MM5.563 inches5 inches6.55 MM0.258 inches21.77 kg/m14.62 lb/ft
schedule 40 MS pipe168.3 MM6.625 inches6 inches7.11 MM0.280 inches28.26 kg/m18.97 lb/ft
schedule 40 MS pipe219.1 MM8.625 inches8 inches8.18 MM0.322 inches42.55 kg/m28.55 lb/ft
schedule 40 MS pipe273.0 MM10.750 inches10 inches9.27 MM0.365 inches60.31 kg/m40.48 lb/ft
schedule 40 MS pipe323.8 MM12.750 inches12 inches10.31 MM0.406 inches79.73 kg/m53.52 lb/ft
schedule 40 MS pipe355.6 MM14 inches14 inches11.13 MM0.375 inches94.55 kg/m54.57 lb/ft
schedule 40 MS pipe406.4 MM16 inches16 inches12.70 MM0.500 inches123.30 kg/m82.77 lb/ft
schedule 40 MS pipe457.0 MM18 inches18 inches14.27 MM0.562 inches155.80 kg/m104.67 lb/ft
schedule 40 MS pipe508.0 MM20 inches20 inches15.09 MM0.594 inches183.42 kg/m123.11 lb/ft
schedule 40 MS pipe610.0 MM24 inches24 inches17.48 MM0.688 inches255.41 kg/m171.29 lb/ft
schedule 40 MS pipe813.0 MM32 inches32 inches17.48 MM0.688 inches342.91 kg/m230.08 lb/ft

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