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UC Beam

European Standard IPE Beam Profiles

What is IPE? IPE beams, also known as "I-beams"or "I-sections," are structural elements that are shaped like the letter "I." They are commonly used in construction to support the weight and load-bearing requirements of a structure, such as…

Difference Between H-Beam and I-Beam

What is H- Beam?H- shafts are shaped like English Latte H. H- ray is a structural ray made of the rolled sword. It's incredibly strong. It gets its name because it looks like a capital H over its cross-section. What is I beam ? In some

UC Beam Size and Weigh list

What is UC Beam and where used? Universal Columns  Beam (UC) are the most often used section for structural steel purposes. How does UC beam calculate weight? You can find the same data in the tables of weights of I-beams.