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Aluminum Square Tube Weight Chart

Aluminum Square Tube Weight Chart Metal ID  Size and Thickness Length  Weight per Meter Weight 6Meter Aluminum Tube 15 X 15 X 1MM 6 0.15 0.9 Aluminum Tube 15 X 15 X 1.5MM 6 0.22 1.32 Aluminum Tube 15 X 15…

Aluminum hexagonal bar Weight Chart

Aluminum hexagonal bar Weight Chart in KG: This Hexagonal Aluminum Rod weight chart created by theoretical Metal weight calculation formula Name of Metal Size (mm) Length (m) Weight /per m in kg Weight 6m in kg Aluminum…

Aluminium Tube Specification

Aluminum tube are cylindrical pieces of aluminum that are hollow in the middle. They are often used in a variety of applications, including construction, automotive, and aerospace industries. Some common characteristics of aluminum tubes…

Aluminum Sheet Weight Chart in kg

Aluminum Sheet & Plate Weight in kg for the Alloy 1100 SL Name Size in MM Size in Feet Size in Meters Thickness (mm) Squire Meters Weight in KG 1 Aluminum Plain Sheet 1220x2440 4x8 1.22x2.44 1.2 2.97 9.75…

Aluminum alloy chart

Normal Aluminum alloy chart SL Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Density in kg/m³ 1 Aluminum (average) 2700 2 Melted aluminum 2600 3 Aluminum 1050 2710 4 Aluminum 1100 2720 5 Aluminum 3103 3730 6…