How to calculate weight of aluminium chequer plate? weight calculation formula

What is  aluminium Checker plate?
The checker plate, also called gash plate or warted plate, is veritably popular due to its slip resistance. This is created by the transversely roasted structure. In recent times, the distance has also been popular for ornamental purposes, similar as as a splash guard in the kitchen.
For our aluminium corrugated wastes, we use high- quality aluminium AW 5754 AlMg3, which is manufactured according to noise EN 1386 or EN 5733. The corrugation of the distance is achieved by the high force of the forming process.

Areas of operation for aluminium corrugated distance
Aluminium corrugated distance is a veritably light but nonetheless extremely robust material. Stresses similar as endless humidity, wind or dirt don’t pose a problem. This makes our aluminium chequer plate ideal for out-of-door use- indeed on way or ramps, tripping is insolvable. The high degree of slip resistance and the associated safety handed by the transversely roasted structure qualify the distance for numerous other operations. These include, for illustration

-colorful coverings
– Filling of apartments
– Flooring for campers, vessels etc.
– bottom coveringe.g. in vehicles similar as exchanges
– Ramps or way
– Assiduity/ essence construction/ trade fair construction

Chequer plate cut to size at Schmiedekult
At Schmiedekult you can get the aluminium checker plate cut to size. We cut the plate according to your wishes with a slice forbearance of/- 2 mm. The aluminium chequer plate is available in density from1.5 mm to 5 mm. The height of the checker depends on the distance consistence, but is always between0.5 mm and1.5 mm.

Aluminium chequer plate weight calculation formula

Consider the sheet as two parts, one: plain sheet(A) and the other: the chequered portion (B).

The plain sheet weight (A) is:

length (m) X breadth (m) X thickness (mm) X 2710 / 1000

For Example : Aluminium Chequered Plate Size is 1.22×2.44×3.5mm


The chequered portion weight (B) is:

length (m) X breadth (m) X 0.699


The chequered sheet weight is (A) + (B).


Simple Aluminium chequered Plate weight calculation formula is : 8.0671xTickness(3.5mm)+2= 30.3157

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