Galvanize Sheet weight Chart 

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Name Size (foot)Size (mm)Size (MTR)Thickness Weight (KG)
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.440.36.999
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.440.358.166
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.440.49.332
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.440.4510.499
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.440.511.665
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.440.613.998
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.440.716.331
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.440.818.664
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.440.8519.831
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.440.920.997
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.44123.330
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.441.125.663
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.441.227.996
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.441.330.329
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.441.432.662
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.441.534.995
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.441.637.328
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.441.739.661
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.441.841.994
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.441.944.327
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.44246.660
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.442.455.992
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.442.558.325
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.442.660.658
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.442.762.991
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.442.865.324
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.442.967.657
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.44369.990
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.443.479.322
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.443.683.988
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.443.888.654
G.I. Sheet 4”x8”1220×24401.22×2.44493.320

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