Pipe Weight Calculation Formula

Now I am going to share  Answer to the some most common question That, How do you calculate the weight of a pipe? What is the formula of calculate weight?what is Pipe Weight Calculation Formula ? How do you calculate pipe load in kg m? How do you calculate weight in kilograms? What is the formula for a pipe? How do you calculate the weight of pipe in Kg mm? How do you calculate kg of steel? How do you calculate weight from diameter? What is standard pipe weight? How do you calculate pipe weight in tons? How do you calculate TMT weight?  What is Od in pipe sizes? How is OD and pipe ID calculated? Most of the answer of your question you may get form my previous post Formula of weight calculation


Circle / Round Pipe Weight Calculation Formula is : kg/m = (OD-WT) * WT * 0.02466*Length

Here OD is the outer diameter, and WT is the wall Thickness

What you should know to theoretically

Pipe Weight Calculation Formula

Calculate Weight of a Circle / Round Pipe?

A. You Have to Know the outer Dia (OD)of The pipe

B. Wall Thickness

C. Length of The Pipe (Standard Length is 6MTR and 12MTR)\

For Example : MS Pipe 6”x3mmx6mtr pipe Weight in KG?

Here 6” Pipe OD = 168.3mm

You Can Find all Other Size Pipe OD form My previous Post ERW Pipe OD List 

Now we Apply The Formula

KG in 6 MTR pipe =  (OD-WT) * WT * 0.02466*6

= (168.3-3)*3*0.02466*6

= 165.3*3*0.02466*6

= 73.07kg


One More example : 3.5 Meter 2”x1.8mm ms pip pipe weight in kg?

2” = 60.3mm

Formula for 1 meter : (OD-WT) * WT * 0.02466



1meter =2.5966kg

3.5 Meter 2”x1.8mm ms pip pipe weight in kg? = 9.9kg


MS pipe 1”x3.7mmx6mtr weight in kg ?

ms pipe 1”x3.7mm =(33-3.7)*3.7*0.02466*6

ms pipe 1”x3.7mm =29.3*3.7*0.02466*6


Simply you can calculate all other size pipe by this formula. though if you have any question you can submit a comment with you email id . our expert team will reply you with in a short time

Download Seamless Steel Pipe OD and Weight Chart In Kg

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