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Gost Channels

European Standard  Profiles Mild Steel GOST Channels Profile Standard       Profile     Code  European profiles Dimensions, mm Weight Weight  SL  Profile Name        H             B        S       T        kg/m   …

European Standard HEB (IPB) Beam Profiles

What is European Standard HEB (IPB) Beam ? HEB (IPB) beams are hot-rolled steel beams that are standardized and produced according to European standards. They are also known as H-beams or I-beams due to their distinctive shapes. The…

European Standard IPE Beam Profiles

What is IPE? IPE beams, also known as "I-beams"or "I-sections," are structural elements that are shaped like the letter "I." They are commonly used in construction to support the weight and load-bearing requirements of a structure, such as…

Welded Steel Pipe Weight Chart In Kg

Welded Steel Pipe Weight Chart In Kg SL D N(mm) D N(inches) inner diameter(mm) wall thickness(mm) outer diameter(mm) surface area(m² / mm) weight(kg / m) 6Mtr weight 1 13mm pipe  1/2'' pipe 15 2.75…

Pipe Weight Calculation Formula

Now I am going to share  Answer to the some most common question That, How do you calculate the weight of a pipe? What is the formula of calculate weight?what is Pipe Weight Calculation Formula ? How do you calculate pipe load in kg m? How…

Difference Between H-Beam and I-Beam

What is H- Beam?H- shafts are shaped like English Latte H. H- ray is a structural ray made of the rolled sword. It's incredibly strong. It gets its name because it looks like a capital H over its cross-section. What is I beam ? In some…