Universal beams list |UB Size and Weight Chart

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What are universal beams?

Known in Australia as universal shafts( UB) and universal columns( UC) but also generally appertained to as I shafts and H shafts, these are named after the I and H shaped appearance of their cross section.

The perpendicular middle section of the ray is known as the’ web’ and the vertical factors are called’ flanges’. These shafts are designed to support a lot of weight in one direction. UBs used in bottoms will support further force vertically than a standard square ray, but are weaker against vertical movement and don’t reply well to wringing. They’re used as a element in bottom architecture, and can be used with other shafts and joists where redundant cargo bearing capacity is needed.

SLNameSizeWeightDepthWidthWeb ThicknessFlange Thickness
1 Universal Beam(mm)(kg/m)(mm)(mm)(mm)(mm)
2UB127 x 7613127764.27.6
3UB152 x 8916152894.67.7
4UB178 x 102191781024.77.9
5UB203 x 102232031025.29.3
6UB203 x 133252031335.87.8
7UB203 x 133302071346.39.6
8UB254 x 102222541025.86.8
9UB254 x 102252571026.18.4
10UB254 x 102282601026.410
11UB254 x 146312511466.18.6
12UB254 x 146372561466.410.9
13UB254 x 146432601477.312.7
14UB305 x 102253051025.86.8
15UB305 x 102283091026.18.9
16UB305 x 102333131026.610.8
17UB305 x 127373041237.210.7
18UB305 x 12742307124812.1
19UB305 x 127483101258.914
20UB305 x 165403041656.110.2
21UB305 x 165463071666.711.8
22UB305 x 165543111677.713.7
23UB356 x 127333491255.98.5
24UB356 x 127393531266.510.7
25UB356 x 171453521716.99.7
26UB356 x 171513561727.311.5
27UB356 x 17157359172813
28UB356 x 171673641739.115.7
29UB406 x 140393971426.38.6
30UB406 x 140464021426.911.2
31UB406 x 178544021787.610.9
32UB406 x 178604061787.812.8
33UB406 x 178674091718.814.3
34UB406 x 178744131809.716
35UB457 x 152524491527.610.9
36UB457 x 15260454152813.3
37UB457 x 152674571519.115
38UB457 x 152744611529.917
39UB457 x 1528246515310.718.9
40UB457 x 191674531898.512.7
41UB457 x 191744571909.114.5
42UB457 x 191824601919.916
43UB457 x 1918946319210.617.7
44UB457 x 1919846719211.419.6
45UB433 x 210825282089.613.2
46UB433 x 2109253320910.215.6
47UB433 x 21010153621010.917.4
48UB433 x 21010953921011.618.8
49UB433 x 21012254421112.821.3
50UB610 x 22910160222710.614.8
51UB610 x 22911360722811.217.3
52UB610 x 22912561122911.919.6
53UB610 x 22914061723013.122.1
54UB610 x 30514960930411.919.7
55UB610 x 30517961730714.123.6
56UB610 x 30523863331118.631.4
57UB686 x 25412567725311.716.2
58UB686 x 25414068325312.419
59UB686 x 25415268725413.221
60UB686 x 25417069225514.523.7
61UB762 x 26714775326512.917.5
62UB762 x 26717376226614.321.6
63UB762 x 26719776926815.625.4
64UB838 x 2921768342911418.8
65UB914 x 30520190330315.220.2
66UB914 x 41934391141819.432
67UB914 x 41938892042021.536.6

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