How to calculate the weight of deformed bar

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Ms Deform Bar 6mm0.2222.6640.0666
Ms Deform Bar 8mm0.3954.740.1185
Ms Deform Bar 10mm0.627.440.186
Ms Deform Bar 12mm0.8910.680.267
Ms Deform Bar 14mm1.2114.520.363
Ms Deform Bar 16mm1.5818.960.474
Ms Deform Bar 18mm2240.6
Ms Deform Bar 20mm2.4729.640.741
Ms Deform Bar 22mm2.9835.760.894
Ms Deform Bar 25mm3.8546.21.155
Ms Deform Bar 28mm4.8357.961.449
Ms Deform Bar 32mm6.3175.721.893
Ms Deform Bar 40mm9.87118.442.961

The formula for steel weight per meter in kg is following:
steel weight =(Dia)2/162×Length W =( D)2 L/162 kg
The formula for steel weight per foot in kg is following
steel weight =(Dia)2/533×Length W =( D)2 L/533 kg

For Example 6mm Deform Bar weight

MS deform bar 6mmx12mtr weight  6×6/162×12  = 2.666666667 MS deform bar 6mmx40foot weight in KG  6×6/533×40= ??

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